Kili Paul Biography, Early Life, Net Worth, Controversy and More

Kill Paul was born on October 9, 1995b in Mindu Tuleini Pwani, Tanzania. He used to live with his parents in his village, where he didn’t have proper electricity. As per some of the sources, he goes around 10 km to charge his mobile. 

Kili Paul family is majorly dependent on farming. This is an article about Kili Paul biography, early life, career, and more.

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Kili Paul Early Life

Kili Paul biography is incomplete without his family which includes his parents, sister, and his extended family in the village. He belongs to an indigenous tribe from Africa. There is very little information available about Kili’s parents in the public domain. Kili Paul family majorly depends on farming. His village has no electricity and that is why he has to struggle a lot and it was not an easy task for him to become successful.

When we study more about Kili Paul biography, we get to know that his family and friends used to call him Yusuf when he was in school. His short name is taken from Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s tallest peak.

Kili Paul Education

Kili Paul education is very limited. He completed his education till 4th standard in his village and then moved to Morogoro Secondary School in Dodoma. He then studied in another school in the seventh standard. Thereafter, he gave up on his education due to his family condition.

But he used to dream a lot and become fluent in English speaking. Apart from it, he also learned French and Spanish.

He has loved to watch movies since childhood, especially bollywood movies. His love for Bollywood songs started later as he chose to become a content creator and started producing most of his content in Hindi.

When we were studying Kili Paul biography, he used to practice Hindi songs and his family thought that he was mad, but later he proved everything wrong. The key interesting part of the life story of Kili Paul biography. Most people in his village still have no idea about his popularity as there is no internet connection.

Kili Paul Controversy

In the year 2022, Kili Paul was involved in a controversy where he revealed that a group of people attacked him. He shared a video on YouTube where he could be seen lying on a stretcher with a bandage on his thumb and injury marks on his leg. He shared the story on Instagram and captioned, “People want me down but God will always take me up. Pray for me. I was attacked by 5 people in the movement of defending myself. My right-hand toe was injured by a knife and I got 5 stitches. I was beaten by sticks and clubs, but thank God, I defended myself after beating two people. They ran away but I was already injured. Pray for me…this is scary.”

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Kili Paul Net Worth

The story of Kili Paul biography informs that Kili Paul net worth is around Rs 6 to 8 crore and his monthly income is around Rs 3 to 5 lakh. The major source of Kili Paul net worth is from social media and advertising.

Important Facts about Kili Paul Biography

  • Kili Paul could be often seen with his sisters in his reels.
  • He completed his schooling in Tanzania.
  • There is very little information available about his parents. As per reports he lives with his parents, two uncles, and a sister.
  • Kili Paul has over 4.2 million followers on YouTube and 5.9 million followers on Instagram.
  • He achieved success after countering a huge struggle as his village had no electricity in his village.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Kili Paul in his radio show “Mann ki Awaaz.”
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