Priyanka Mongia Age, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, and More

Priyanka Mongia is a social media personality who hails from Punjab, India. Priyanka Mongia age is 26 years old as of 2024. She was born on September 27, 1997. Priyanka Mongia is a very popular star from TikTok on the stage. She is a delegate muser and this makes a great deal of fun and engaging videos. Priyanka Mongia came to the limelight for her lip-sync short videos.

In this article, we will learn more about Priyanka Mongia age, personal life, career, boyfriend, and more.

Priyanka Mongia Early Life

Priyanka Mongia was born in a small village in Punjab, India and she started her short video journey in 2018 from the TikTok platform. Her life slowly went up to fame and she was consistent with her videos showcasing versatility featuring lip-syncing, humorous skits, and great dance performances. Apart from TikTok, Priyanka also upskilled herself in acting and modeling, gracing the screens of commercials and music videos covering various magazines.

NamePriyanka Mongia
ProfessionIndian Youtube, TikTok influencer, Model
Priyanka Mongia age26 Years, 3 Month, 9 Days ( LIVE)
Date of Birth27 September 1997
Height5 Feet 3 Inch
Weight52 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorDark Brown
Present AddressJalandhar, Punjab, India
HometownJalandhar, Punjab, India
CollegeKhalsa College Punjab, India
Priyanka Mongia Early Life

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Priyanka Mongia age

As of 2024, Priyanka Mongia age is 26 years old.

Priyanka Mongia Career

Although Priyanka Mongia age is so low, she still manages renowned brands in the realms of watches, mobile cases, and cosmetics that boost the career of Priyanka Mongia modeling career.

Priyanka started her YouTube channel in the year 2019 and she consistently posts her videos. Although, she first created her Instagram account on February 1, 2016.

Priyanka has a huge number of Instagram followers, she currently has 11.5 million followers.

She also has collaborated with several brands that significantly impact Priyanka Mongia net worth. She collaborated with watches, cosmetics, and mobile cases.

Priyanka Mongia Boyfriend

There is no update available on Priyanka Mongia boyfriend as she used to keep her life private and she has never shared anything about her boyfriend. Priyanka Mongia age is 26 years old and we hope she may soon get her life partner.

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Priyanka Mongia’s Social Impact

Priyanka is a very influential personality extending her career beyond entertainment. Through her TikTok videos, she entertained a global audience by leveraging social media platforms shedding light on vital social issues exemplifying potential social media that motivates her to work more.

Priyanka Mongia Acting, Modeling, and Entrepreneurship

Priyanka Mongia took her acting, modeling, and entrepreneurship career to the next level. This showcases her ambitious career. Along with these, she also launching her clothing line which will soon make her entrepreneurial spirit hint at a promising and dynamic future.

Priyanka Mongia: Beyond the Screens

Apart from professional life, Priyanka enjoys her personal life as well. She is a pet lover and she owns several of the. Beyond her glamorous career, she actively supports several charities and social causes showcasing commendable commitment that will surely have a positive impact,

Priyanka Mongia Net Worth

As we have already discussed Priyanka Mongia age is 26 years old and she managed to achieve a lot in her short career. Priyanka Mongia net worth is estimated to be over USD 3 million which underscores her financial acumen.

Priyanka Mongia’s monthly income is over Rs 5 lakhs and most of her income is generated from various brands on Instagram.

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