Guntur Kaaram Reviews: Mahesh’s Movie Minted over Rs 150 crore

Mahesh Babu’s recently released movie Guntur Kaaram collected a whopping collection in just three days of its release. The movie has minted Rs 150 crore in just three days. Most of the collection of the movie is made in the Andhra Pradesh region, while in Karnataka, the movie did a business of Rs 23 crore and Rs 33 crore in the rest of the world.

Guntur Kaaram Reviews India

Guntur Kaaram is the third movie of Trivikram Srinivas and Mahesh Babu after Khaleja and Athadu. The movie features Mahesh and Sreeleela in pivotal roles. Guntur Kaaram, which also stars Sreeleela in the lead with Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishnan, Jayaram, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Murli Sharma, Vennela Kishore and others in other important roles. The movie is 2 hours and 39 minutes long.

Indian cinema never stops evolving and currently, it is also witnessing a shift from brotherhood stories (Salaar, RRR) to parenting stories now (Animal, Hi Nanna, Guntur Kaaram).

The movie is a complete package of entertainment and a treat to watch. Soon after the story plays out, it seems like it is an overdose of mommy-daddy-friend issues. The makers didn’t reveal anything about the story and no one is ever going to know what the movie is about until they get their heads into the theaters.

Guntur Kaaram Reviews Collection

Guntur Kaaram movie has collected a whopping business in the first few days and it has minted Rs 150 crore at the box office. 

What worked best for Guntur Kaaram?

The movie has garnered good reviews from fans and critics. Mahesh has depicted his role in a complete swag. He appears as smoking beedis, lighting them up stylishly, and most of his dialogues are full of sarcasm which will make you chuckle at the sheer audacity of it all. 

Guntur Kaaram review: Positives

Mahesh is the backbone of the movie. His action scenes look awesome, but is it enough to drag the audience to theaters? There are some weak points in the movie when you feel lost and have no idea where the movie is heading. Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematographer tried to inject life into the proceedings but it was not enough.

Guntur Kaaram’s movie review is incomplete without mentioning some weak points as the movie has a lot of them. Although it has amazing cinematography and Mahesh’s spectacular performance, other things don’t dwell enough on emotions and it has a lot of fillers. 

Guntur Kaaram review: Negatives

There is a nonsensical scene when Ramana understands why his mother abandoned him. There are very few scenes in the Guntur Kaaram movie when its protagonist Mahesh’s character truly expresses his feelings.

Many experts believe that it has some really poor jokes and outdated fight scenes. Such scenes overpower the dialogue. The movie depicts some glimpses of Trivikram’s previous movies. The movie is full of a plethora of villains for Ramana fighting with his grandfather is bad enough.

Guntur Kaaram Review: Sreeleela and Meenakshi’s performance

The love interest of Mahesh (Ramana) in the movie was Sreeleela (Ammu) who wasn’t doing more than filming for reels or shaking a leg with him. She was amazing in dance, but her character has nothing more to offer bearing the story in the end. Meenakshi also hasn’t done more than running around her cousin. Many critics believe that these talented women could have done much more if they were offered good roles. 

Guntur Kaaram Reviews Hit or Flop

Guntur Kaaram movie review suggests that the movie is nothing more than a wasted opportunity. The movie could be a commercial masala movie or it could be a tearjerker. Mahesh tried his best but his effort was all wasted.

After many flaws, the movie is still good to watch at least once. People watched and it has gained an 8.1 IMDb rating. 

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