20 Mc Stan Dialogue That Reflect His Hard Work and Journey

MC Stan has touched new heights of success and he has become so popular in a very short span of time. He has taken the story by storm with his skill and command of his unique style and razor-sharp lyrics. MC Stan has risen to success from zero, he had nothing to lose in his early days and now he has built his own status.

MC Stan is popularly known for his gritty rhymes and unapologetic attitude. Not just with lyrics, MC Stan dialogue plays an equal role in making his unique identity in the world of stars.

Here are the 20 best MC Stan dialogues which are enough to demonstrate the swag and street-smart persona of the rapper.

“Sheron ka zamana hota hai.”

Translation: “It’s the era of lions.”

Stan asserts his dominance in the rap game with this powerful line, letting everyone know that he’s here to rule.

“Gully ka king, mere yaar, no debate.”

Translation: “The king of the streets, my friend, no debate.”

Stan proudly claims his position as the ruler of the gully rap scene, shutting down any arguments.

“Mere gully mein macha hai shor, chahe ho ya na ho tere chhakkar mein.”

Translation: “There’s chaos in my alley, whether you’re involved or not.”

Stan emphasizes the authenticity of his roots and the noise he’s creating in his own lane.

“Jitne bhi aaye, sab hai mere pyaare.”

Translation: “All who come, are dear to me.”

Stan acknowledges the presence of competition but remains unfazed, welcoming the challenge.

“Raat bhar saara sheher mera, gully se main hoon, mere bhai.”

Translation: “The entire city is mine all night, I belong to the streets, my brother.”

Stan owns the night, representing the essence of the streets that shaped him.

“Rap likhun main, likhun main sab kuch, asliyat dikhaun main.”

Translation: “I write rap, I write everything, I show reality.”

Stan highlights his commitment to authenticity, using his lyrics to portray the real world.

“Gully Gang, gully ka king, badla lega toh bajega.”

Translation: “Gully Gang, the king of the streets, if you mess, you’ll get it.”

Stan issues a warning to those who underestimate the power of the Gully Gang.

“Apna time aayega, tu nanga hi toh aaya hai kya ghanta lekar jaayega.”

Translation: “My time will come; have you come empty-handed to take it away?”

Stan confidently prophesies his success, daring anyone to challenge his ascent.

“Khud ki life mein, khud hi rapper ban gaya main.”

Translation: “In my own life, I’ve become the rapper of my story.”

Stan reflects on his journey, turning his life into verses that resonate with many.

“Rap nahi toh kya kiya maine?”

Translation: “What else have I done if not rap?”

Stan asserts his identity, emphasizing the central role of rap in shaping his existence.

“Gully Gang, mere bhai, chhote time mein bade kaam kiya maine.”

Translation: “Gully Gang, my brother, I’ve achieved big things in a short time.”

Stan celebrates the success and impact of Gully Gang in a relatively brief span.

“Mera scene bada hai, rap ka kya kaam tera?”

Translation: “My scene is big, what business do you have with rap?”

Stan dismisses those who question his involvement in the rap scene, establishing his authority.

“Gully ka king hoon, mera attitude alag hai.”

Translation: “I’m the king of the streets; my attitude is different.”

Stan underlines the unique persona that sets him apart as the ruler of the gully rap domain.

“Gully se juda na main, yeh mere dil ka matter hai.”

Translation: “I’m inseparable from the streets; it’s a matter of my heart.”

Stan expresses a deep emotional connection to the gully, highlighting its significance in his life.

“Gully Gang ka bantai, bantai fir bhi rahega.”

Translation: “Gully Gang’s bantai (guy), will remain a bantai forever.”

Stan embraces his Gully Gang identity, signifying that no matter how far he goes, he’ll always stay true to his roots.

“Bantai chahe tune kitne bhi try kiye, MC Stan ka level tere bas ka nahi.”

Translation: “No matter how hard you try, MC Stan’s level is beyond your reach.”

Stan sets a high standard for himself, challenging others to match his prowess.

“Apna time aayega, gully ka king bolega.”

Translation: “My time will come, and the king of the streets will speak.”

Stan confidently anticipates the recognition that will come his way, affirming his belief in his destiny.

“Gully Gang, mera crew, mera blood hai.”

Translation: “Gully Gang, my crew, my blood.”

Stan emphasizes the strong bond and loyalty within Gully Gang, portraying it as more than just a musical collaboration.

“Gully Gang ke saath, har din naya chapter.”

Translation: “With Gully Gang, every day is a new chapter.”

Stan celebrates the dynamic and ever-evolving journey with Gully Gang, showcasing the continuous growth and progress.

“Asli rap, asli streets, yeh hai MC Stan ki pehchaan.”

Translation: “Real rap, real streets, this is the identity of MC Stan.”

Stan encapsulates his essence, defining himself through authentic rap and a genuine connection to the streets.


MC Stan dialogues are not just words; they are powerful statements that reflect his journey, attitude, and unyielding spirit. With his unique blend of authenticity and swagger, he has carved a niche in the Indian rap scene, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners. As we eagerly await what the future holds for this Gully Gang sensation, one thing is certain – MC Stan dialogues will continue to echo in the gullies, resonating with those who appreciate the raw and unfiltered essence of his craft.

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